The Hallaton Pilgrims

Where do the people buried on Hare Pie Hill come from? HFWG have just received a grant to undertake Isotope analysis of the skeletons associated with the medieval chapel, thought to be a site of Pilgrimage. Isotope analysis uses elements such as oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulphur as well as strontium and lead found in living organisms to provide information about their place of origin, diet and … Continue reading The Hallaton Pilgrims

Who is buried on Hare Pie Bank?

The cemetery associated with St. Morrell’s Chapel, excavated by the HFWG have raised more questions than answers.  Who were the people buried here and why was this hill overlooking the village chosen for their final resting place rather than the village church? Burial close to a saint or saint’s relics were felt to be a favoured location amongst medieval Christians. It is possible that if … Continue reading Who is buried on Hare Pie Bank?