Visit to Apethorpe Palace

A visit to Apethorpe Palace in Northamptonshire was very well attended.  This was our second organised visit, the first being in August 2017. The tour guide advised us that no photos could be taken either inside or outside because a German prince had died in a riding accident when staying as a guest of the owners in June.  They had had their fair share of … Continue reading Visit to Apethorpe Palace

Pilgrimage to St Morrell’s Chapel

At the AGM the retiring chairman John Morison gave a talk on pilgrimage to Hallaton and the hilltop chapel of St Morrell and the research that led up to the discovery, all illustrated with some 80 slides. The talk began with details of the family background of St Morrell in the 5th century and his period as bishop of Angers. Then the close ecclesiastical connection … Continue reading Pilgrimage to St Morrell’s Chapel

Marking up our Pottery Finds.

Once again our group of enthusiasts have been busy combining a social morning with the valuable task of marking up another selection of our pottery finds. The group has an extensive collection of pottery found while field walking in Hallaton and the surrounding Welland valley. These always need to be “pot washed” and then marked up so that their location can be identified. After that … Continue reading Marking up our Pottery Finds.

Searching for an Ancient Road

On a misty day in April a good turnout of HFWG members assembled in a field on the outskirts of Hallaton. The task was a potentially exciting one, as they were looking for any evidence of the line of an ancient roadway. Part of this road is visible nearby but then it fades. What was now needed was something more than guesswork. So out came … Continue reading Searching for an Ancient Road

The Daily Grind or a Millstone round your Neck

The stalwarts of the Hallaton Field Work Group have been out and about over the last few weeks, in all weathers,  searching for a deserted village in the Welland Valley.  Imagine our surprise then when we came across three wedge shape pieces of rock lying together. Upon closer examination it became clear that they formed half of a millstone. Well more accurately, half of the … Continue reading The Daily Grind or a Millstone round your Neck