Excursion to Durobrivae and St. Kynaburgha Church (Peterborough)

Monday, August 7th 2017 It was very pleasing to see an amalgamation of several Leicestershire-based Fieldworking Groups join together for an enlightening day superbly organised by the St Kynaburgha Building Preservation Trust.  The party of 48 was privileged to be escorted by Dr Stephen Upex – who has published papers and books on a variety of topics including Roman Archaeology of the Nene Valley (The … Continue reading Excursion to Durobrivae and St. Kynaburgha Church (Peterborough)


WHITE CERAMIC TILES – Alan Comber Hallaton Field Work Group have recently excavated a Georgian summer house in the grounds of Deene Park, a stately home in Northamptonshire.  Large quantities of white ceramic tiles fragments were found, initially thought to be Victorian.  However, as they were mixed in with the demolition rubble from the house, this date did not seem quite right and further investigation … Continue reading DEENE PARK EXCAVATIONS

The Hallaton Pilgrims

Where do the people buried on Hare Pie Hill come from? HFWG have just received a grant to undertake Isotope analysis of the skeletons associated with the medieval chapel, thought to be a site of Pilgrimage. Isotope analysis uses elements such as oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulphur as well as strontium and lead found in living organisms to provide information about their place of origin, diet and … Continue reading The Hallaton Pilgrims

Who is buried on Hare Pie Bank?

The cemetery associated with St. Morrell’s Chapel, excavated by the HFWG have raised more questions than answers.  Who were the people buried here and why was this hill overlooking the village chosen for their final resting place rather than the village church? Burial close to a saint or saint’s relics were felt to be a favoured location amongst medieval Christians. It is possible that if … Continue reading Who is buried on Hare Pie Bank?