Searching for an Ancient Road


On a misty day in April a good turnout of HFWG members assembled in a field on the outskirts of Hallaton. The task was a potentially exciting one, as they were looking for any evidence of the line of an ancient roadway. Part of this road is visible nearby but then it fades. What was now needed was something more than guesswork. So out came the trusty Gradiometer and the team set to with tapes and pegs to mark out the  20 x 20 metre grids that were needed. Then one of the members started walking the grids while others acted as flag markers.

A full and enjoyable morning was had and until the team adjourned for lunch.  The readings were then taken away by one of our computer whizzes and we shall shortly find out the results. Waiting is the most difficult part. To find out the results why not join our group and get involved in what is an absolutely fascinating hobby. Full details on our website and this WordPress.

We will shortly be doing a similar exercise on a Roman road nearby; why not come and join us, you would be most welcome.


John Morison.


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