Flint Knapping by Bob Wells

On a cold February evening Slawston Village Hall was brought to life by the warm embrace of a riveting talk and demonstration by our old friend, Bob Wells. Many will know of his superb expertise in flint knapping and the recreation of early stone tools and weapons.


We were treated to a typically humorous and self-deprecating talk by Bob, interspersed with fine anecdotes and country tales. All were impressed with the huge array of flint tools and weapons that he brought both to show us and let us handle, interlaced with details of how and why they were made and demonstrations by him actually working the flint before our eyes.

He also delighted us with some fine examples of flint  arrow heads, scrapers, spears, axes, knives, saws, hammer heads and a lethally sharp scythe, some of these he had picked up whilst field walking over the years and some equally beautiful examples that he himself had made.


The evening could have gone on all night, but sadly had to be called to a close with a rousing round of applause.

John Morison February 2018


One thought on “Flint Knapping by Bob Wells

  1. I was really sorry to miss this evening, but this post helps heal the wound a bit. I am sure a really interesting evening was had by everyone. Gillian

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