The Quest

That thirst to find
a Roman coin
a shard
a flint
a coin or two
a ditch
a wall
To dig, to scrape
To analyse.
To find a world
about which
only fragments are known
A snitch of knowledge
of past lives
who occupied this land.
Of structures which in our
minds we rebuild.
We pontificate, surmise and speculate.
Will we ever really know
those people’s feelings, problems,
Their fears and hopes
Their loves and sadnesses.
How they gazed upon this land
in anticipation
in apprehension.

Piece by piece we form a picture
Illustrated by a myriad of finds.
Is that picture true?
Is it right?

But that is what drives us on
The mystery never quite solved.

Meriel Godfrey

December 2017


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