Once again Hallaton Field Work Group have been out and about enjoying the pleasures of the countryside. We were back doing what we love to do – walking the fields looking for pottery scatter.

We chose two large fields on the Rams Head ridge, named because of a fabulous find in 1856 at the cross roads of two ancient roads that adjoin our fields. One item of which was a fine bronze handle to a pan, in the form of a ram’s head.


The two fields were on a steep south facing slope with an ancient roadway, now a bridleway,  running along the top of the ridge. It had been hinted that there had been Roman occupation in this area.

Day one was a beautiful sunny day which made it a pleasure to be there but when walking into the sun, it was difficult to pick out any small pieces on the ground. Some members cunningly resorted to walking backwards! The reward for their efforts was the chance to enjoy a picnic lunch break, while facing the sun at the top of the ridge and with fabulous views.


Day two was much more interesting, which is a polite way of saying it was more taxing and required more effort. There were 37 stint lines of several stints each, and each individual stint measured the normal 20 x 60m. The difficulty of the slope was exacerbated by the high curvature in the centre of the field which meant that in many cases you could not see the far end of your stint. However to everybody’s credit all the stints were successfully walked and the troops returned to base with their bags of finds. After all that walking the results were interesting in a negative way , but a little disappointing. The finds were very few with only two small sherds of Roman grey ware, a little poor flint and nothing else of any real merit.

Nonetheless we had a great time and a good get together. A week later we all gathered again at The Oaks field, but that’s another story.


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